The first week

My new diet (I still hate that word) started on Thursday 2nd September 2010. It was a crisp early spring day. Sun was shining and I considered this a good omen. The start of something new, a chance to start fresh.

I had been provided with a variety of meal replacements, essentially bars and shakes. One bar or shake to replace 1 meal. Replace 2 meals per day. You last meal could be anything, except you were only allowed 1000 calories per day. A bar or shake was about 200 calories, so immediately you were reduced to 600 calories for the rest of the day – including my third meal and any snacks during the day.

I can tell you right now, 1000 calories is not a lot. A banana is about 100 calories. A small piece of chicken, salad and small potato (with absolutely no dressing, sauces or added flavour) is about 450 calories.

The first few days I thought I was going to starve to death or perhaps my stomach was going to eat itself. I quickly learnt to drink heaps of water as it gave me a temporary fullness. Side effect was a lot of visits to the toilet as my body wasn’t used to drinking a couple of litres of water a day. But I was determined to stick to the 1000 calories and the guidelines provided. At this stage, I was still doing no exercise and I’m grateful that I didn’t start this for another few weeks, or I may have fainted due to lack of energy.

On Saturday 4th September, less than 48 hours after I started this new diet, my region experienced an earthquake – no lives were lost – and I joked that at least I had my food ready for the next 5 days. I considered this my first test and I’m pleased to say I passed with flying colours.

Week one – I lost 800 grams. My first recorded weight loss.


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