Taking a break

I’m a bit worried. I’m going on holiday for a friend’s wedding and not only will I be tempted to eat foods that don’t really fall into the healthy category but my exercise routine will be thrown into the bin.

I’ll be packing my trainers and naturally hope I can do a few exercises either in my room or at the resort. Apparently there is a pool and a beach, well there better be, I’m heading to Fiji and apparently the pool looks like this…


My body desperately needs a break and I haven’t got any hardcore workouts planned until I get back, which is a whopping 9 days away.  Sometimes it’s possible to burn out and I’m pretty sure I’m right there, right now. My body aches, I don’t feel like I’m getting enough sleep and I feel a bit ratty and short-tempered.

Bruises are appearing on my body and I can’t remember how I got them. My memory is like a sieve and things I would normally remember easily are being forgotten. I feel like I’m on a never-ending ride of chaos and exhaustion.

Sometimes no matter how much effort you want to put into exercising, it’s completely possible to plateau on both weight-loss and enthusiasm. Maybe a week in Fiji doing other things is exactly what I need.

As for the scales, yes I’ll jump on the scales and measure myself before I go. I’ve mentally prepared myself for a small gain. But that’s ok. I’m going to go on holiday and for that week I’ll still be careful, I’ll still watch my food and drink intake but for this one week, I’m going to allow myself to do what my body tells me. Rest, rest, rest.

What tips or advice have you got for me? Any last-minute words of wisdom?