Post holiday work out blues…

As suspected, I put on weight while I was away on holiday.  2.4kg.  Gulp!!

Too many cocktails, too many ice creams and not enough exercise.  It was the break my body (and soul) needed, gorgeous sunshine, a few dips in the pool, some snorkelling and even a bit of time in a kayak.  More time reading, relaxing and gossiping but totally worth it.

I did manage to do a quick bootcamp on the beach one morning. It’s a 10 minute challenge and I choose it because of its simplicity and time factor. 3 burpees, 6 push ups, 9 squats.  Repeat each set until time is up.


I think the locals thought I was a nutter but it was one of the more unique settings that I’ve done this challenge.  Yes, I wore shoes (although the sand looks soft, it had broken shells/coral in it) and considering the temperature at the time, I’m happy I got to the end without passing out.

I’ve been back 2 weeks now, and I’m only 500grams away from my pre-holiday weight.  I’m confident it will disappear, as my workout routine last week was 4 zumba sessions, 2 bootcamps and a 12km run.

What’s the best holiday workout you have done? Got any great photos or locations you want to share?