Here we go again…

So you thought I had stopped this blog but alas, it appears that isn’t the case! Some new people in my life have read it recently and have commented that I should carry on, even on an ad hoc manner, as it has inspired a few of them to start their own fitness journey.  This is, well, pretty darn awesome and has given me another boost to carry on.

This year has been full of all sorts of fitness and food challenges, and if you haven’t been keeping up, I suggest reading this blog post as it’ll help you understand the rest of this one!

Essentially I said to some friends that I would match any fitness or food related challenges that they would undertake in 2013 as a form of solidary and support. And also, because if you know me, you’ll agree that I’m a teeny tiny bit strange and weird.  Anyway, I have a friend that is going back to paleo and since I was already thinking of making January 2014 paleo month, I’ve decided to bring it forward by a just over a week and I’ll continue until the end of January, or perhaps longer…


I should point out that although I will be eating paleo, I won’t be completely strict like last time until after Christmas.  That would be utter madness at this time of the year, and I think I’d get massive withdrawal symptoms. And with only few more days to Boxing Day, a more structured approach will have a longer term success rate.

I’ve taken my measurements (as I do at the beginning of every week), as well as two ‘before photo’ types – one in normal workout clothes and one just in underwear. Again, no nakedness on this blog – even though the title might indicate otherwise. I’ll share those photos at the end of the challenge so I can match them with my ‘after photo’ for maximum impact.

Perhaps I should also point out, that I’m currently at my upper weight limit of where I feel comfortable – too many bad habits have snuck their way into my life. The experts have said on google, so it must be true, that food is responsible for about 70-80% of weight gain or loss.   There is a quote “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet” or this little gem, “Abs are made in the kitchen”.

The paleo lifestyle is about eating healthy unprocessed foods, which when you think about it, it makes sense.  So here I am, back on another challenge when I thought I was done for the year. I’m also part way through December’s challenge with 5 friends doing 3 concurrent challenges, 30 day ab, 30 day squat and 30 day push up challenge which is free to download, but available only on apple app store. It looks like this:

30 dayTo my friends that are doing this particular challenge with me, I’m both really sorry and proud of you for joining me – my abs hurt like hell at the moment, but it does mean that I’m working them hard. And every time I click to see what torture I’ll be completing each day, a little piece of me cries as I know you’ll be doing it too.

Feel free to wish me luck on this new challenge, goodness knows I’ll need it. Please don’t put extra temptation in my way, but I expect you to enjoy your non-paleo treats when we hang out together. And perhaps you could throw some encouragement at my friend too – go on, it’s Christmas after all!


2 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Very good Alison, you are very committed and commend you for doing what you do i on the other hand not so much but im sure some challenges i could share in but not Paleo too hard for me.
    Im very glad i met you.

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