A new low, but it’s all good news!

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know all about my stubborn determination to get my body fat low and increase my muscle toning.

Last night we had a restart on the four week challenge due to a few lifestyle interruptions that destroyed my friends week. I stuck to the paleo guidelines as I’m thought it’s not an excuse to reset the goals just because he got distracted. As a result of the new weigh in, I got to get a sneak peak at how I was tracking (every opportunity to gauge changes!) and it’s proved an interesting exercise as he prefers to do measurements on Sunday night before eating dinner, where I prefer to do it first thing Monday morning before eating breakfast. Perhaps that a female vs male logic – I think the results are smaller as I’ll be empty and he thinks it’s more realistic at the end of the day.  It also got me thinking about perception, and how we view ourselves against what we really look like – and when I found this image I thought it was pretty accurate – what do you see when you look in the mirror?


Since last week according to his ridiculously fancy scales, I’ve lost 800 grams overall but about 600 grams of that is muscle. This resulted in exchanging some blank and confused facial expressions and a few words like “hmmmm, interesting” and “that’s a bit odd”. I wanted to scream some profanities but wasn’t sure which word was appropriate!

We have now committed pen to paper and put down our targets to be achieved in four weeks time, and to be honest, I’ll admit it isn’t going to be easy but I think it’s achievable. I’ve got some strength bags, and found a routine (sorry, image quality isn’t very good but you get the idea) that I’ll attempt on days I’m not doing bootcamp or hill runs. I started with 10 reps of each and will increase that each time by increments of 5. exercisesOhhh, on a side note, my running buddy and I have created a new personal best for the hill run that we are competing in this weekend – and I’m so proud to run alongside her at this event, as she motivates me even if she doesn’t know it…

I guess the best news I had this morning was part of my normal measurement routine – I’m down to 60.2kg which is so incredibly close to that ‘magical figure’ that I’ve been striving to obtain. It officially makes me the lightest I’ve been on my fitness journey and I’ll admit it, I did a little happy dance (which is interesting to see in the bathroom mirror while not wearing anything!). I also got the tape measure out and I’m shrinking around my waist, hips and thigh.

And at the same time I’m very aware (and I say this so everyone stops nagging me, and that includes my Zumba instructor) I know is not about what I weigh on the scales. I get that – I totally and completely understand that it’s not about weight, it’s about how I feel about myself. I also know that my weight is likely to increase as I gain muscle, just as long as the fat drops off at the same time!


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