Spare time and how it messes with my head

Part of my new fitness routine is to do less cardio and more strength. While I’m ok with the concept, I’m finding I’ve got more spare time and I feel incredibly lazy doing nothing with chunks of my weekend.

lazy teddy bearI previously used the time while I was biking or running to ‘escape’ and now I’m not doing that, I’m in a weird head space. I threw myself into longer, harder and more demanding exercise to cope with life and all its stresses, and now this spare time is messing with me. I’m far more emotional than I’ve been for ages and yesterday was particularly bad.

There’s nothing major going on and I’d had a great day up until mid afternoon. I woke up refreshed, spent the morning with some fellow paleo eaters, then delivered some flyers for my Zumba instructor. Then when I was innocently sitting outside pondering what do to with the rest of my day, BOOM, it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I flicked a text to my current accountability buddy on this challenge and said I was doubting everything I was doing. I just felt flat, sad and just generally bluergh. Luckily for him he was on the end of a flurry of messages rather than in person as I’m sure it was an unpleasant image. Tears, blubbing and a massive pout, which is all very unlady like and there is no way I can be proud of how I was feeling or looked.

Here’s the best bit – he told me to snap out of it. Well, his exact words aren’t suitable for this blog, but the gist of his message was the same. And that’s why it’s important to have a reliable yet completely blunt friend to tell it like it is. At the time all I needed was a hug and perhaps a couple of tissues, but I got the next best thing – a slap in the face.

high five your faceFollowing his advice, I went and apologised to my butt (I had called it fat in one of my text messages) and then proceeded to get rid of this “cardio hangover”. I’m not saying my head space is completely clear, but I’m certainly not as down in the dumps or likely to burst into tears if someone asks me how my day has been.

Has anyone else had this? Is it an endorphin low or perhaps I’m having cardio withdrawals and it’ll pass in time. In the meantime, I’ll carry on with my strength training and push on like I always do. Got no choice right?


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