A few months of paleo

I guess I’ve officially been a paleo eater for four months now. There has been the odd slip up (some accidental and some that I knew full well as I was stuffing the non-paleo item in my mouth). Slap the hand that feeds me!

cookie monster 2It’s been an interesting experience and I’ve had to rethink my relationship with food. Food is, and I guess, always will have an emotional attachment – I just need to manage it better. If I’m having a bad day I want to eat (even if I’m not hungry), and my will power is weak so I give in. I know it’s wrong, and that it only fuels the bad feelings. Pretty nasty circle isn’t it! Is it a female thing or do males experience this too?

I’ve made a handful of new friends recently, mainly paleo eaters, and those wanting to ask questions about what paleo is, how to do it and most commonly “what do you eat for breakfast?”. That’s an easy answer – bacon and eggs!!

eggs, bacon, spinach, avocado - paleo breakfast

Ok, so not every day but certainly on most mornings. I attend two or three business breakfast meetings a week, and the venues have been very accommodating. If you are cheeky enough to find what you want scattered throughout the menu, then ask for it. Most restaurants or cafés are willing to help with specific food or dietary requirements, as it’s becoming more mainstream.

The type of exercise is changing too. Only 2 or 3 Zumba sessions a week, bootcamps have dropped to 1 a week, and I’ve increased my low impact cardio. A casual bike ride, a walk in the Port Hills and at least once a week I’m going up and over Bridle Path. Even if it’s been torrential rain causing damage to the track, which turn into mini mud runs…

mud run

I’m still not happy with my results (even though I’m still under my new threshold) and my weight seems to fluctuate on a weekly basis. The measurements are variable but slowly trending in the right direction. I honestly thought I would have less fat by now – even though I know it’s a slow journey from here. I need to be a tiny bit more disciplined and perhaps I’ll get there eventually. One snack, one meal, one day at a time.


A bucket load of exercise!

Bluergh. I can’t think of another word for it. Last week was, well, bluergh.

I’ll keep it factual as I can’t even fathom the words…

  • Monday night – Zumba and boot camp
  • Tuesday morning – Hill walk up and down Bridle Path
  • Tuesday night – Zumba
  • Wednesday morning – 12km hill run
  • Wednesday night – 2.5km bike to Zumba, Zumba, 2.5km bike home
  • Thursday night – Zumba and boot camp
  • Friday morning – 11km bike ride, hill walk up and down Bridle Path, 11km bike ride home
  • Saturday morning – 14km hill run
  • Sunday night – 11km hill run

Total activity: 4 x Zumba sessions, 2 x boot camps, 2 x steep hill walks, 27km on the bike, 37km of hill runs.

Bridle path

Food: 98% Paleo, but mainly because a stray sugar-free V and a coke zero found their way into my diet.

Result when I got out the scales and measuring tape this morning: A fat lost of 70 grams.  Yeap, that’s right, 70 tiny little grams. All my other stats are pretty much the same and it looks like I’ve gained about 200 grams of water and the same for muscle. So my face looks like this little guy…

sad kittyMy current thoughts: REALLY?!? That’s a shit load of exercise for very little reward. I know it’s about the big picture, but come on, that is pathetic. And before you ask, yes I’ve been lighter and smaller that I am at the moment, so no, I haven’t reached my limit.

This coming week: Normal schedule of 4 x Zumba and 2 x boot camp plus at least one hill run (got to keep training for A Run To Remember). I guess I’ll strip all my food back to super simple paleo foods, increase water intake and keep my fingers crossed. Unless you have a better idea? I’m open to suggestions…

Post holiday work out blues…

As suspected, I put on weight while I was away on holiday.  2.4kg.  Gulp!!

Too many cocktails, too many ice creams and not enough exercise.  It was the break my body (and soul) needed, gorgeous sunshine, a few dips in the pool, some snorkelling and even a bit of time in a kayak.  More time reading, relaxing and gossiping but totally worth it.

I did manage to do a quick bootcamp on the beach one morning. It’s a 10 minute challenge and I choose it because of its simplicity and time factor. 3 burpees, 6 push ups, 9 squats.  Repeat each set until time is up.


I think the locals thought I was a nutter but it was one of the more unique settings that I’ve done this challenge.  Yes, I wore shoes (although the sand looks soft, it had broken shells/coral in it) and considering the temperature at the time, I’m happy I got to the end without passing out.

I’ve been back 2 weeks now, and I’m only 500grams away from my pre-holiday weight.  I’m confident it will disappear, as my workout routine last week was 4 zumba sessions, 2 bootcamps and a 12km run.

What’s the best holiday workout you have done? Got any great photos or locations you want to share?