Slow and steady!

Looks like a few tweaks to my exercise and even relaxed a bit regarding my paleo eating and it’s had positive results.

This week I can safely say I’m finally under that mental hurdle of 60kg.  I was 58.8kg as of this morning. And before you go all crazy and give me a lecture that it’s not about weight, I know, I know, I bloody well know.  My journey is not to become a waif, trust me, I love food too much.

What I don’t know is what the body fat or muscle is doing in my body. The evil scales that my friend uses, well, I haven’t seen them in 3 weeks. My measurements have shrunk again, and that is generally a good indication of what is going on with my body. I put on my skinny jeans today, only to find they are baggy, and particularly around my butt. Less junk in my trunk huh?

I’ve also spent more time changing my exercise – downgrading on the running and cardio, which as you know isn’t easy for me. More casual bike rides, a few more walks up Bridle Path (even showing a new friend the track – even if he had some leg trouble the next day…), and generally trying to chill out more.


Bridle PathI have experienced a bit of insomnia recently and I’m not sure what’s causing the issue. A few people have given me their two cents worth, which while is great, isn’t solving the issue.  Nothing like lying awake at night to reflect on your entire life!

Part of the paleo lifestyle is to make sure you eat clean and get sunshine on your face – and if I’m lucky enough, I get to combine the two together – eating in the sunshine!



I’m not sure where I’m going to head from here – more of the same and see what happens… I guess that’s the fun part, not knowing where you’ll end up! I really enjoy writing this blog and am getting more followers all the time, as well as some great feedback, so please keep sending me your love, it really makes a difference.

And yes, I still owe you the before paleo and after paleo photos – perhaps that’ll be my next blog post!



A bucket load of exercise!

Bluergh. I can’t think of another word for it. Last week was, well, bluergh.

I’ll keep it factual as I can’t even fathom the words…

  • Monday night – Zumba and boot camp
  • Tuesday morning – Hill walk up and down Bridle Path
  • Tuesday night – Zumba
  • Wednesday morning – 12km hill run
  • Wednesday night – 2.5km bike to Zumba, Zumba, 2.5km bike home
  • Thursday night – Zumba and boot camp
  • Friday morning – 11km bike ride, hill walk up and down Bridle Path, 11km bike ride home
  • Saturday morning – 14km hill run
  • Sunday night – 11km hill run

Total activity: 4 x Zumba sessions, 2 x boot camps, 2 x steep hill walks, 27km on the bike, 37km of hill runs.

Bridle path

Food: 98% Paleo, but mainly because a stray sugar-free V and a coke zero found their way into my diet.

Result when I got out the scales and measuring tape this morning: A fat lost of 70 grams.  Yeap, that’s right, 70 tiny little grams. All my other stats are pretty much the same and it looks like I’ve gained about 200 grams of water and the same for muscle. So my face looks like this little guy…

sad kittyMy current thoughts: REALLY?!? That’s a shit load of exercise for very little reward. I know it’s about the big picture, but come on, that is pathetic. And before you ask, yes I’ve been lighter and smaller that I am at the moment, so no, I haven’t reached my limit.

This coming week: Normal schedule of 4 x Zumba and 2 x boot camp plus at least one hill run (got to keep training for A Run To Remember). I guess I’ll strip all my food back to super simple paleo foods, increase water intake and keep my fingers crossed. Unless you have a better idea? I’m open to suggestions…

Dragging myself up hills

I’ve started training for my next event, a 12km hill run. The course is a local one and as usual, I want to get some of the route under my shoes before race day.

What this means is that I’ve completed six hill walk and runs in seven days. Twice up Bridle Path, once up Bridle down to Lyttleton and back, and then three runs on the actual course I’ll be running in 22nd February for Run To Remember which was started as a practical and healthy way to acknowledge the tragic event that rocked my city (and how it impacted my weight loss journey).

My food has been pretty strict and although I’ve been experimenting with paleo recipes – this gal had got a sweet tooth – I’ve only slipped once. Being out with my teenage nieces, we ended up at one of their absolutely favourite restaurants, Strawberry Fare. They specialise in desserts, so I took the opportunity to relish every last morsel of this lip smacking combination…

Strawberry FareAlso, I’ve also gone out for three meals and have been the annoying one at the table by modifying what was on the menu to be as paleo as possible. Most restaurants can be tweaked to 99% paleo, which is close enough for me. Best food to order is the steak or fish of the day. Normally they come with sauces (which you can request for it to be on the side), and either salad or veges. Nearly all of the dishes come with potato fries of some description, so I’ve been cheeky and asked if I can have salad AND vegetables but no fries. All have complied at no extra charge, which was a pleasant surprise.

So when I jumped on the scales this morning to take my measurements, I felt completely deflated. I’ve put on weight and it wasn’t just muscle. My body fat percentage has gone up and I’m a bit stumped. All my other measurements have remained the same, except my thigh (it’s gone down 1 cm). How is it possible when I’ve been watching everything I’ve eaten or drunk. To say I feel flat is an understatment.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to bury my face in a pile of chocolate and wash it down with a bottle of bubbles. As tempting as it might be for about 5 minutes, I think I’d throw up and feel worse than ever. The only thing I can think of is the quantity of fruit that I’ve been eating, or perhaps it’s something else that I’m not aware of. Zumba starts back tonight and combined with some more hill runs, I’ll reduce my fruit intake and see what happens. Wish me luck!