4 years – geez, time flies

Today is exactly 4 years since I started my weight loss journey and I’ve got mixed feelings about the time that has passed.

Looking back is full of emotions – sadness and disappointment that I was that way previously, but then I’m overwhelmed with happiness with how far I’ve come and what massive changes I’ve made to my life.

So many people have supported me along my journey, from my new fitness buddies, through to my trainer, my flatmates past and present plus the newest addition to my life, you are all very special to me and I’ll never take your support for granted. I know I’ve been the one doing the exercise and eating clean (mainly…) but without you, I wouldn’t have got this far. For those that have commented on my blog, cheered me on from the sideline or just listened to me prattle on about food and my latest adventure, I thank you for being part of my life.

Highlights include, and in no particular order…

  • Taking part in mud runs and other events with my equally idiotic mates
  • Being told I’m “looking awesome”
  • Supporting others on their journey
  • Dead-lifting my own body weight (recent achievement)
  • Realisation that that being a bit crazy is a good thing

Muddy Good Run pigsMuddy Good Run – April 2013

Mud Sweat & TearsMud Sweat & Tears – July 2013

 Muddy Good Run

Muddy Good Run – October 2013

CBD Stampede

CBD Stampede – January 2014


Kayaking – August 2014

I won’t stop talking or doing what I do, as I love it and I am fascinated by what happens when I make my body do things that my mind questions as achievable – I’m excited for my future and what awaits me around the corner.


Week Two of Paleo

Hmmmm, bit of an odd week.  I’ve got the food under control, although I think I’m eating a few too many kumara, eggs and stone fruit – but that will change in the coming days. Gosh I love stone fruit, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches… I salivate at the thought of it.  I grew up in Central Otago and I’m pretty sure they grow the best stone fruit I’ve ever tasted and if possible I’d eat it all day everyday. But too much stone fruit has an adverse effect on me, if you know what I mean!

I’ve come across some amazing recipes and that’s something I really enjoy about Paleo as it makes you think differently about your food. While it’s easy to have meat with salad, it gets a tad boring. And if you call upon your favourite meals all the time, they quickly become your least favourite as you eat it all the time.

As for the exercise, last week was a bit mixed and although I tried to do cardio each day, I had two rest days (which I honestly can’t remember when that last happened). It’s partly because I was in final training for my first event of 2014 – the Christchurch CBD Stampede – which was an 8km run around the city with 40 obstacles (under fencing, over shipping containers, under cars, over barriers and some cargo nets over diggers.

So you probably want to know my updated weight results – well, it’s not as impressive as last week. My measurements have slightly increased and my body fat has increased by a teeny tiny amount. Not exactly what I wanted to see this morning but it’s ok.  I know I’ve stuck to the paleo way, but I’ve got to reduce the fruit component. However, I’m going to eat what I have in the fruit bowl and fridge and not purchase any more.

As for doing more cardio, I squeezed in a bit of active recovery this morning with a short hill work and tonight I’m walking with perhaps a small jog of my next event which is in 7 weeks.  Some days I feel like I spend equal amounts of time sleeping, training, eating and working (thank goodness I’m self-employed!).

Right, it’s lunch time again, so it’s BBQ leftovers from last night. Yummy!