Slow and steady!

Looks like a few tweaks to my exercise and even relaxed a bit regarding my paleo eating and it’s had positive results.

This week I can safely say I’m finally under that mental hurdle of 60kg.  I was 58.8kg as of this morning. And before you go all crazy and give me a lecture that it’s not about weight, I know, I know, I bloody well know.  My journey is not to become a waif, trust me, I love food too much.

What I don’t know is what the body fat or muscle is doing in my body. The evil scales that my friend uses, well, I haven’t seen them in 3 weeks. My measurements have shrunk again, and that is generally a good indication of what is going on with my body. I put on my skinny jeans today, only to find they are baggy, and particularly around my butt. Less junk in my trunk huh?

I’ve also spent more time changing my exercise – downgrading on the running and cardio, which as you know isn’t easy for me. More casual bike rides, a few more walks up Bridle Path (even showing a new friend the track – even if he had some leg trouble the next day…), and generally trying to chill out more.


Bridle PathI have experienced a bit of insomnia recently and I’m not sure what’s causing the issue. A few people have given me their two cents worth, which while is great, isn’t solving the issue.  Nothing like lying awake at night to reflect on your entire life!

Part of the paleo lifestyle is to make sure you eat clean and get sunshine on your face – and if I’m lucky enough, I get to combine the two together – eating in the sunshine!



I’m not sure where I’m going to head from here – more of the same and see what happens… I guess that’s the fun part, not knowing where you’ll end up! I really enjoy writing this blog and am getting more followers all the time, as well as some great feedback, so please keep sending me your love, it really makes a difference.

And yes, I still owe you the before paleo and after paleo photos – perhaps that’ll be my next blog post!



Concerned friends

Recently I’ve had several friends and family ask me some odd questions and make some strange comments.

The latest one was today after I had lunch with my wonderfully talented hairdresser. We were talking about his latest adventure and both enjoyed a paleo vege salad with a chunk of salmon on the top (it was pretty darn tasty!). I knew him prior to the start of my weight loss journey and we’ve shared much gossip over the years while I’ve been getting highlights and a bit of scissor action.

He’s also part of one of my BNI chapters so sees me fairly frequently. On our way to the car park he says “I can report back that you do eat food”. My reaction “of course I eat food, geez man”. It wasn’t his fault nor was he personally indicating that I had an issue with food.

It just struck me as odd. But here’s the kicker, it’s not the first time people have made similar comments, and I know they only say this out of concern for my well-being. My question to them is “I’m eating healthy, well-balanced food, exercising regularly and feel great. Why the heck didn’t you show concern when I was eating crap food and lazing around?”


Has society gone mad? Why don’t we tell those nearest to us that we are worried about their health when clearly they are overweight/obese? Yet they feel completely happy to question our heathy eating and the side effect of fat loss. Arrrrgghhhhh!!! Makes me mad. So mad that when I got home I ate not just one avocado chocolate mousse but two of them! Don’t worry, it’s a homemade paleo treat, not an everyday food. Pretty yummy too…

Is anyone else having the same issue or am I overly sensitive to it as I’ve heard it frequently over the last 3 years? Do you have any suggested responses that I can use for my concerned friends?

Oh, for those that are interested, I had the weigh in on Sunday for the four week paleo challenge. I lost 400gm of fat, 1.2kg of muscle resulting in 1.6kg loss overall. I know I need to keep an eye on the muscle loss, only one week was my new routine so I’m hoping it’ll sort itself out soon. Not sure that double serving of mousse will make any difference!

muscle lossAs for other measurements, 2cm smaller around my waist, 2cm smaller around my hips, 1cm smaller around my thigh and another 1cm smaller around my calf. Which is a bugger I recently purchased some more clothes and they are already too loose. On the flip side, I’m officially at my smallest since goodness knows when. Perhaps that’s prompting all the questions?!?

Yet another challenge, sure ok, bring it on!

A quick update for you on what’s happened in the last few weeks. I’m a regular blood donor and get called up every 3 months to donate a pint of my finest B+ that clearly they can’t get enough off. However, when I visited a few weeks ago, my iron store was too low to donate. Normally I’m ok, but in the back of my mind I’m thinking maybe this is a result of all the cardio and change in diet. A couple of vials of blood were taken and sent away for testing, and the outcome was a visit to my local doctor.

Last time I went to the doctor was in 2007, which I think is pretty impressive, but did mean I was treated like a newbie and had to answer a zillion questions. Long story, made short, I had to supply a couple of specimens using these..

Specimen bag I’m still waiting the results and I don’t think it will reveal anything dramatic but it will probably eliminate a couple of possible issues.

Since I have an inability to say no, I’ve accepted a four-week fat loss/muscle gain challenge, and it is paleo related (no surprises huh?) and will push me harder than I’ve been tested before.  The friend who got me re-started on paleo before Christmas fell off his own food wagon. He contacted me with a simple challenge – eat clean paleo for four weeks, with a full measurement (using his extremely fancy pants scales) at the beginning and the end. My initial response “Ohhhhh shhhhiiittt!! The actual scales that will reveal *gulp* EVERYTHING…”, to which my next message was “Ok, yeah, I’m game.”

Donkey KongLast night was the dreaded first weigh in and if you have read my story from the beginning you’ll know how I reacted the first time around. I have come a long way from that first miserable day but I also know my journey isn’t over.  I am more prepared mentally for the physical challenges and my knowledge of food and exercise is growing exponentially.

Just so you know, I’m nearly at my pre-Fiji measurements which was my aim from going paleo this time around.  I promised some photos (before and after) but I’m going to wait until at least the end of this new challenge to get maximum impact!

Goal: Lose 1.45kg of body fat, gain 1kg of muscle which should result in me having about 22% body fat. No pressure on myself to kick this challenge into touch, but I’m a determined and stubborn individual. Wish me luck and please feel free to share your tips and advice – your feedback keeps me motivated.

Fitness challenges

Over Christmas and New Year of 2012/13 I caught up with a few friends. After a few beverages, an idea was born. If anyone I knew was endeavouring to do a food or fitness challenge in 2013, I would match them on that particular challenge. Here’s where I am at so far:

No booze until reaching my goal weight – this was a twitter friend and at the time my goal weight was my pre-Christmas weight. I was desperate to get there before another friends 50th birthday as she was having a cocktail party. I made it with one week to spare.

Running the Christchurch City to Surf 14km circuit – this was a close friend of mine and although this challenge was accepted prior to the beginning of 2013, it proved to be an interesting one as my friend twisted her ankle on our first training run. We ran the whole way, no stopping and it was an emotional crossing at the finish line.

Muddy Good Run – this is exactly like it sounds. A 5km run in mud. The same friend who did the City to Surf joined with my trainer and I to do this run. We were in costume and although we went through some mud pits, it was more wet than muddy. This actually kick started some future events and proved to be a good cross fitness event.

This is what my feet looked like after the run:

Muddy Good Run

Paleo Food Challenge – you might be asking yourself what the heck is paleo. Google it. Essentially eating food similar to caveman, unprocessed and clean food. I only did this for 3 weeks with my trainer but have carried on most of the food regime since finishing the challenge.

No booze for the month of May – this idea was created with a friend who does Zumba with me. Great idea until we realised May has 31 days. Oh well, these challenges are actually easy once you get past the first weekend.

Great Auckland Bed Race – this was a charity event held in Auckland and I got involved after suggesting to a group of people they should enter a team. Long story short, I got flown up for the day and ran 2.7km pushing a bed around a course and lifting it up way more steps that should ever be allowed.

Running the Christchurch Half Marathon – this was a challenge thrown at me after I’d had a couple of drinks. Several months of training, numerous hours of running long stretches by myself, I took on the half marathon and kicked it to touch. Never again though as this required a lot of time in training.

I’ve got several more coming up this year, including Mud Sweat & Tears, Spring Muddy Good Run and no doubt some others that mean I do something fun and stupid in the name of fitness.

How I got started

In July 2010, I was part of a goal setting group. Similar women to me would meet fortnightly to share ideas about business, we made each other accountable for the small tasks that we knew we wouldn’t do by ourselves. We became friends and soon we would be meeting for lunch, coffee and gossip sessions.

We talked about love, family, relationships, colleagues and sometimes about our body shapes. We varied in age from late 20’s up to mid 50’s. The wealth of knowledge in the group was powerful. We supported each other through some incredibly difficult business decisions and to this day, I’m still in contact with most of them.

One member of our group had a business that specialised in weight loss. She created an 8 week weight-loss challenge for businesses and asked if we wanted to put together a team. It was a fundraising event and there were prizes up for grabs for the biggest losers. Who doesn’t love to win stuff?!? So our team was created and I got roped into being a member as it needed to be a team of 4.

The main instigator in our team was someone I admired for her business skill and kindness towards her friends. She was a kind-hearted soul that would put others ahead of her own dreams.. She had intentions of starting a family one day with her adorable partner, but knew she needed to be part of this team as any supportive person would be.

I still remember the day I said “yeah sure, it’s only for 8 weeks and it’s for charity right?”. Little did I know that such a simple sentence had the capacity to impact my life in such a dramatic way.