No scales!

I’ve started my personal training sessions at Cave Fitness and at the first session I had my measurements taken. It was a flash back to my first ever training session back on 14th January 2012, except I felt more confident within myself. This time it included a jump on the scales, fully clothes and with trainers on. And then I was told “no scales or measurements for 6 weeks”. Cue the deadly silence.

This is the equivalent of ripping off my right arm. Minus the anaesthetic. And then letting it bleed… For someone who uses the scales religiously every week this was going to be a monster of a challenge.

So as soon as I got home I did this…


I sent it to my trainer and she laughed. Which is good right?!? In the big scheme it doesn’t matter but I am a bit concerned about the long period of time without monitoring my progress. Naturally I will follow the rules and not do my measurements until I’m told that I can, as that’s the kind of person I am.

If you are keeping track of what I’m doing on a weekly basis, I’m doing 3 Zumba, 2 personal training, 1 Bridle Path hill run, plus a casual bike ride each week. That doesn’t include incidental exercise or extra activities that spring up when time allows.

My food is still paleo and I’m powering through the food. There’s a chance that a small percentage of my food isn’t paleo (I eat out regularly so accommodate the best I can) but none of the non-paleo food is on purpose. I get my meat, including paleo bratwurst, bacon and other goodies from Everybody’s Butchery which is a local specialist butcher here in Christchurch. This way I know what is in my meals that I cook at home.

My muscles are pretty sore so I’ve taken the plunge and getting a weekly hot stone massage and it’s proving to worth its weight in gold. Both my trainer and the masseuse recommend I do more stretching, which makes sense because I’m not doing any! So I’m going to schedule it in on a regular basis, or let’s be honest, it won’t happen.


Weight gain – arrghhhh!!

The exact moment I jump on the scales and it reads more than last week. First thought in my head, the scales must be wrong. Weigh myself again. Bugger, it’s not the scales, it’s me.

Second run of thoughts in my head, what the hell have I eaten this week? Am I retaining water? Have I exercised enough? Have I got my period?

There is nothing that can prepare me for a weight gain. I’m not talking about a 100-200 gram increase, this I can live with – as long as I lose it the following week. Not long ago, I had a 1.2 kilogram increase in one week. I was shocked and had to sit down before I fell down. It was the week after I got to my lowest ever weight as an adult. I was not a happy individual that day and kept this information to myself.

I didn’t know what I had done wrong. I analysed and over-analysed. I replayed in my head all the things I had eaten, all the exercise I had done and vowed to get rid of it straight away. I also take weekly measurements of my waist, hips, leg, calf and arm and was surprised that they were all the same as the previous week. Was it possible this was all muscle gain?

None the less, I was a bit more careful with my food, jumped a bit higher and pushed a bit harder with my exercise for the next 7 days. Come weigh day, I got on the scales with one eye closed and my fingers crossed… I lost 800 grams. Not exactly the 1.2 kilograms that I had gained, but that was ok.

I’m not sure what happened, but my other measurements are the same. Perhaps it was a combination of water retention and having my period. I’ve noticed over the years that the week before my period I generally plateau and then the week after I am back to losing again. Female bodies are a weird mixture of chemicals and hormones, but it’s about accepting this and dealing with it.

Each week is a gamble and I have to accept the weight and measurements as they happen. Small changes can add up to massive life changing events, so it’s one day at a time, one week at a time. It’s the only way I can get through it.