Taking training to the next level

I’ve been saying it for many weeks about taking my fitness to the next level. Although my heart is in the right place, I’ve had a few life interruptions. Nothing major, but being self-employed means that sometimes you work long hours, it’s getting darker at nights and this week I’ve picked up a cold. I’m not complaining, just stating the facts.

But wait one moment, I have great news!! My personal trainer that I love so dearly (but also secretly hate just a teeny tiny wee bit) has set up her own studio and she’s nick named it The Cave. What it means is that in addition to the three weekly Zumba sessions with her, I’ll now be doing 2 personal training sessions each week.  One of those sessions is with my best mate and we were talking the other day about how we push each other to get fitter, all in a positive way of course…

motivate friends

While I love training with her (anywhere, anytime, doing anything), it’ll be the first time in over a year that I’ll be enduring the punishment and sense of achievement that comes with a one on one personal trainer. I am hoping my body isn’t weaker than it was, but if it is, I’m totally up for the challenge.  I might be a bit wacky in the head, but that feeling you get when you are physically knackered is wonderful.  It makes me feel alive, between the “I wish I was dead comments” and perhaps that’s what I’ve been missing.

Some time ago I borrowed some strength bags and while they’ve had some use (foot stool, chair and the occasional proper use) it hasn’t motivated me as much as I’d hoped. I guess that comes with the territory and the reminder that no one can do this by themselves – we all need to be held accountable, to a friend, a loved one or to the trainer that pushes you to do better.

Some motivation requiredSo here goes, the next chapter in my fitness. Once I’m focussed on something, I don’t stray and I give it everything I can. All the things I need are lining up and are set for me to achieve – fingers crossed it comes together like a dream…